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Gives a plus factor to your skin

Medical Consultation

Medical Consultation1,098
NO Type Title Branches Name Date Answer
1098 Other skin issues Sinchon Follow Up Sinchon lucio 2020-09-16 Completed
1097 Atopic dermatitis / Skin disease Sinchon Neurodermitis and Rashes around Area of Eyes Sinchon Jeanette 2020-09-16 Completed
1096 Acne Sinchon Maddox Sinchon Micaela Maddox 2020-09-10 Completed
1095 Acne Sinchon non painful acne treatment for dark skin Sinchon Zainab Alejo 2020-09-05 Completed
1094 Pores Sinchon Aquapeel/Hyeel Sinchon 세라 2020-09-01 Completed
1093 Other skin issues Sinchon Skin overgrowth to check / remove Sinchon Lucio 2020-08-20 Completed
1092 Acne Sinchon Appointment Sinchon Maddox 2020-07-27 Completed
1091 Acne Sinchon Appointment Sinchon Maddox 2020-07-26 Completed
1090 Pigmentation / Melasma Sinchon Appointment Sinchon Chad and Micaela Maddoc 2020-07-23 Completed
1089 Acne Sinchon 2 Patients: Skincare acne treatment & wart/rash Sinchon Chad and Micaela Maddox 2020-07-22 Completed
1088 Flushing / Telangiectasia Sinchon V Beam Perfecta Laser Sinchon Daniel Paul Rose 2020-07-21 Completed
1087 Acne Sinchon Acne Facial Sinchon Alexa Michaelis 2020-07-01 Completed
1086 Pigmentation / Melasma Sinchon Acne scarring and pigmentation Sinchon Rain 2020-06-23 Completed
1085 Scars Sinchon Treatments Sinchon molly 2020-06-19 Completed
1084 Wrinkles / Elasticity Ilsan Ultrasound lifting Ilsan Michelle 2020-05-12 Completed
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