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Medical Consultation

Medical Consultation1,207
NO Type Title Branches Name Date Answer
1207 Wrinkles / Elasticity Ilsan Laser treatment Ilsan Amira flores 2019-12-16 To be answered
1206 Scars Sinchon Reservation for three Sinchon Leila Zhu 2019-12-15 Completed
1205 Acne Dogok Yangjae Millia Seed Removal- 1202 Dogok Yangjae sshangy@gmail.com 2019-12-13 Completed
1204 Scars Dogok Yangjae Consultation for laser treatment Dogok Yangjae Unjy Park 2019-12-12 Completed
1203 Wrinkles / Elasticity Dogok Yangjae Hello. I would like to ask about procedure. Dogok Yangjae Emy Tan 2019-12-11 Completed
1202 Acne Dogok Yangjae Millia Seed Removal Dogok Yangjae shannon 2019-12-11 Completed
1201 Acne Sinchon SKIN WITH ACNE,SCARS AND PORES Sinchon Darline John Kaijage 2019-12-09 Completed
1200 Pigmentation / Melasma Sinchon Consultation: Sinchon Carl 2019-12-08 Completed
1199 Acne Dogok Yangjae Acne treatment Dogok Yangjae Margarita 2019-12-05 Completed
1198 Pores Sinchon Booking of appointment for medical facial for five users Sinchon Simonne 2019-12-03 Completed
1197 Pores Sinchon Booking of appointment for Facial Sinchon Simonne 2019-12-03 Completed
1196 Medical skin care Sinchon I don’t really know what it is Sinchon Elisa Diaz 2019-11-30 Completed
1195 Acne Sinchon Removing acne scars as well as getting rid of acne Sinchon Sarangerel Nyamdorj 2019-11-25 Completed
1194 Pigmentation / Melasma Sinchon Blackhead pores on nose, dark spots on the chin, double chin Sinchon Heng Liu 2019-11-18 Completed
1193 Wrinkles / Elasticity Dogok Yangjae anti - aging Dogok Yangjae Pauline Wong 2019-11-15 Completed
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