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Gives a plus factor to your skin

Medical Consultation

Medical Consultation1,120
NO Type Title Branches Name Date Answer
1120 Special treatments Ilsan Other Ilsan Mel 2021-01-05 Completed
1119 Pores Sinchon Pores cleaning Sinchon Tamar 2021-01-04 Completed
1118 Botox / Fillers Sinchon Cost Sinchon KIMBERLY BRICE 2021-01-02 Completed
1117 Acne Sinchon Acne medication consultation Sinchon Myrte Seynhaeve 2020-12-26 Completed
1116 Acne Sinchon ACCUTANE REFILL + other questions Sinchon Alexa Michaelis 2020-12-22 Completed
1115 Other skin issues Sinchon mole removal and dandruff Sinchon 조경환 2020-12-15 Completed
1114 Acne Sinchon Would Like To Make An Appointment for Accutane Refill Sinchon Alexa Michaelis 2020-12-09 Completed
1113 Epilation / Body Sinchon Diet Preion Sinchon Elaine 2020-11-27 Completed
1112 Scars Sinchon Removing scar's stitched Sinchon Emy 2020-11-24 Completed
1111 Acne Sinchon Back acne treatment Sinchon FRANCISKA MEILANI 2020-11-16 Completed
1110 Acne Sinchon Booking Sinchon FRANCISKA DWI MEILANI 2020-11-15 Completed
1109 Acne Sinchon Jawline acne from mask wearing Sinchon Celia Bocking 2020-11-08 Completed
1108 Other skin issues Sinchon Body acne Sinchon Fransiska Dwi Meilani 2020-11-06 Completed
1107 Acne Sinchon Consultation request Sinchon Mona Boulestreau 2020-11-01 Completed
1106 Scars Sinchon Acne scars Sinchon Taylor Griffin 2020-10-30 Completed
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